top ten shows

Florida #1 / 10 shows

One Ocean

5 reviews
”Sad They Are Discontinued” by Nessa
”Very Good.” by Cody
Florida #2 / 10 shows

Animal Actors On Location!

3 reviews
”Good animal show” by David
”So Cute!” by Nessa
Florida #3 / 10 shows

Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue

3 reviews
”Closed” by David
”Always entertaining and gets you on your feet!” by Taire
Florida #4 / 10 shows

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

3 reviews
”Enjoyable” by Nessa
”Who doesn't like Indiana Jones?” by David
California #5 / 10 shows

World of Color

2 reviews
”Simply beautiful and moving!” by Evi
”Simply AMAZING!” by Yariv
Japan #6 / 10 shows

The Legend of Mythica

2 reviews
”Breathtaking!” by Evi
”Spectacular Parade!!!” by Yariv
Florida #7 / 10 shows

Festival of the Lion King

2 reviews
”One of the Best!” by David
”Wow! Simba rules!” by Yariv
Florida #8 / 10 shows

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

3 reviews
”LOVE!” by Nessa
”Live show with some cool effects” by David
Japan #9 / 10 shows

Happiness Is Here

2 reviews
”It was packed! Amazing parade.” by Evi
”Beautiful Parade” by Yariv
Florida #10 / 10 shows

Finding Nemo - The Musical

2 reviews
”Good Nemo Show” by David
”Perfect show!” by Yariv
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