top ten events

Florida #1 / 10 events

Halloween Horror Nights

4 reviews
”Go for the fast pass” by Nessa
”Loved by all Floridiana” by Mordechai
Florida #2 / 10 events

Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade

3 reviews
”A Must See!” by Cody
”Full of energy!” by Jennifer
Florida #3 / 10 events

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

2 reviews
”Spectacular!” by Evi
Florida #4 / 10 events

SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular

3 reviews
”Interesting...” by Nessa
”Kindergarden Halloween party” by Evi
Hong Kong #5 / 10 events

Halloween Bash

2 reviews
”Very unique experience!” by Evi
”What a preview!” by Yariv
California #6 / 10 events

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

2 reviews
”Great as much as the one in Orlando” by Evi
”One of the best Halloween events in the world!” by Yariv
Japan #7 / 10 events

The Happiness Year

2 reviews
”WOW! Once in 30 years experience!” by Evi
”Happiness is here!” by Yariv
Hong Kong #8 / 10 events

Disney's Haunted Halloween

1 reviews
”After this night, you will feel haunted by Disney musicals :)” by Evi
Florida #9 / 10 events

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

1 reviews
”Mickey's Not-So-Scare Halloween Party ” by Silvia
California #10 / 10 events

Mickey's Halloween Party

2 reviews
”Disney at Night!” by Evi
”Kid-friendly Halloween event” by Yariv
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