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Orly S 1 Reviews
“Amazing experience”
Reviewed 12/28/16 04:27

My first visit in Universal Studios was so fun!
The best attraction was the WALKING DEAD, It's feels like you are on the real set.
Christmas time is beautiful to visit and don't forget to buy fast passes :)

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Timothy N 9 Reviews
“Universal Studios was as Entertaining as it can get”
Reviewed 11/03/15 15:37

It's been quite a few years since I've been to an adventure park and had forgotten how much fun it was, the rides and atmosphere encouraged us to try almost everything but we were so glad of the fast passes, at $44 each they weren't cheap but were worth the money to avoid the lines. If someone is th..inking whether he should go or not, don't think twice, just do it! Every penny you spend on this is totally worth it.

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Yael F 2 Reviews
“Great day! Loved it!”
Reviewed 08/04/15 04:28

If you are in LA, you must visit Universal Studios! Do not forget to buy fast passes or you'll be waiting for hours in lines, so it is really worth it!
That day was by far my best day on the West Coast and I loved every second of it!

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Tai M 1 Reviews
“A little bit of time-travel”
Reviewed 08/04/15 04:41

Came back to Universal after about 20 years, and was thrilled to find out the Jurassic Park ride was still going strong. Riding it again took me back to two different eras.

Other than that great piece of dino-ism, the Mummy provides a lot of laughs (assuming you have that type of humor..), as do the Minions (although personally, I prefer the actual rides to the "4D" movie rides).

And of course, if you happen to be there during Halloween, you can go check out the zombiefest that happens after darkness descends.

All in all, definitely check it out if you're in the general vicinity.

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Dwntha L 3 Reviews
“Universal Studios Hollywood Offers Thrills and Fun”
Reviewed 08/05/15 17:38

There really isn’t an amusement park in California quite like Universal Studios. Not only did I enjoy the park in general, the tour of the back lot of the film studios is truly amazing. If you enjoy getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the wonder that is Hollywood film making then this tour is t..ruly for you and your family. Make certain that you save time to see some of the free shows like Water World. There’s also a pretty neat special effects show you’ll enjoy. And if you’re lucky you might just get chosen to join the performers on stage and be a part of the show. I’d suggest that you arrive at the park as soon as you can, preferably in the morning. The park seems to fill up pretty fast and the lines for the more popular rides can get pretty long. The further up into the park you go the better the rides seem to be so grab a map on your way in and just hit all the newer rides first.

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Nathan S 21 Reviews
“An Incredible Experience ”
Reviewed 03/22/15 03:48

This place is much different then the Universal Studios Park in Orlando. While the other is more ride oriented, this one's (although it does have some great rides as well) main attraction is the studio tour. I got to see where classic films and some of my personal favorites were filmed. An interesti..ng and fun park!

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Daiana R 5 Reviews
“Fun experience”
Reviewed 11/04/15 14:44

Its a super fun place, if you like exciting roller coasters or you are a movie lover. Every single attraction looks real, its like you are really living inside a movie. Its a must if you visit LA!

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Diana P 3 Reviews
“Entertainment Capital of LA: Good quality, insufficient quantity”
Reviewed 06/28/14 18:04

I had always been interested in visiting the so-called "Entertainment Capital of LA." All I knew about Universal Studios Hollywood was that there was a Jurassic Park ride with animatronics, and that alone sold me. I researched to find the lowest price ($69 at Costco) which also included the entire y..ear free. That sounded a little suspicious to me (why is the cost of one day the same as the entire year?), but I decided to buy it anyway since I wanted to visit at least once.

The theme park is situated in Universal City, easily accessed by Highway 101 or public transportation. While I had my annual pass, I mainly took the Metro to Universal Studios since the cost of parking is, like all theme parks, ridiculous. If you do take public transport, be prepared for a hike. Situated on the top of a hill, the path from the rail station to the entrance of Universal Studios is a 15-20 minute walk. If you're lucky, you may be able to ride the free shuttle that goes from the bottom of the hill to the entrance. Parking is situated on the top of the hill though, and it will most likely require you to walk through Citywalk, a series of shops and restaurants along the way to Universal Studios (think Downtown Disney).

The entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood is complete with red carpet and photographers as well as the famous globe fountain. Inside the park is divided into an upper and lower lot. The upper lot is composed mostly of restaurants and shows like Waterworld and the Special Effects Stage. There are a few rides, such as the Simpsons ride and Shrek 4D, but they are more like simulation rides composed of a screen and a chair that moves back and forth.

It takes several minutes to get down to the lower level (by escalator or stairs) which is the level I stayed on mainly when I was there. The lower level houses the Jurassic Park ride, Revenge of the Mummy, and Transformers. These rides made the price well worth it. There is also a studio tour I would highly recommend that is accessible on the upper level that takes about an hour to go through. You are on a tram the entire time though, so you can't get off to look through the back-lot. Sometimes they are filming and so you can see that from a distance which can be pretty cool.

Overall, my first experience was fantastic. The quality theming really impressed me. However, after you have gone once, going multiple times can get boring. There isn't a lot there. But I would much rather go to a park with good quality entertainment than a park with lots of mediocre things to do.

Summary (1= worst, 5= best):

Cost: 4
Without a discount, the cost of going is $92. That is really pricey considering the amount there, but since they automatically upgrade it to an annual pass, I'll give them a 4.

Ride Quality: 4
There are some rides that have awesome special effects and animatronics, and there are others that feel a little dated.

Ride Quantity: 1
This can easily be done in a day. I guess that is why they are selling their day passes as annual passes.

Typical theme park food. Nothing special. They sell large Simpsons donuts at the Quik E Mart which is surprisingly good, and fresh!

Entertainment: 4
Even though there weren't many rides, I still had a fun time. Sometimes that have street performers come out and do skits which can be fun to watch (for instance, dancing janitors).

Overall: 4
A smaller more mature-themed Disneyland that you should visit at least once.

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Wow - what a difference!”
Reviewed 02/22/15 06:29

Universal Studios Hollywood really improved since last time I was there. While the number of attractions are still low compared to those found at Disneyland, there are some terrific standout attractions such as: Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, Transformers and King Kong 360 3-D. Additionally - the park.. will soon open its version of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Springfield. The theme park itself is geared towards teens and adults, although there is a new land for kids called Super Silly Fun Land. Other than that- there is an amazing Halloween event that's one of the best in the world. This is also the best place for Minion related souvenirs 

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“It's getting there - many surprises”
Reviewed 02/26/15 23:29

Universal Studios Hollywood is the entertainment capital of LA. I really enjoyed my last visit at Universal Studios Hollywood. It seems that the team is working really hard on bringing new experiences for the park - from Fast Furious 7 to the new Springfield to Harry potter and Shrek new attractions...

For my surprise, I really enjoyed the new King Kong 360 experience - this is an AWESOME experience that can only be found in this park. It’s really well deserved to called the entertainment capital of LA.

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