Transformers: The Ride-3D

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Nessa C 63 Reviews
Reviewed 10/01/16 11:55

I loved this ride! It was so cool and so much fun. You really felt like you were in the Transformers movies!

Side note: If you have a person in your party that may easily be injured by sudden stopping and starting, or a jerking mechanism, I would think twice about this ride.

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Timothy N 9 Reviews
“Did I just say 3D ride? Hell yeah!”
Reviewed 11/03/15 20:38

This is a pretty intense 3D ride, as the riders play humans enlisted to, you guessed it, protect the Allspark from Megatron and the Decepticons.

The car you ride in, surreptitiously an Autobot named Evac, goes in several different rooms with screens (or maybe just back and forth between.. the same rooms, I'm not sure) as you go on an frantic escape from the Decepticons. The graphics were great and the motion of the car and the action on the screens was synched up really well.

It might not be the optimal ride if you have a very weak stomach or are looking for a new storyline, but it was fun and impressive to behold.

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“3D movie + sets + Transformers = Unbelievable ”
Reviewed 11/02/15 17:42

Wow. The 3D ride of Transformers never gets tired. It's unbelievable. The CG is on par with those of the movie an the whole experience is just wonderful. You really feel like you are there inside the action and the huge screens help sell the size of the transformers like never before. Not to be miss..ed!

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“Optimus Prime is amazing!”
Reviewed 02/27/15 00:27

Amazing attraction which brings you to a 3D world when the Transformers fighting against the Decepticons. The great thing about it is that you're part of all this experience - you're moving around in a car, riding like crazy in NYC and jumping out from buildings.

This is a must have exp..erience, the line might be long (60-75 minutes), but it's wroth it! Be sure to check the booth next to the attraction where you can take photos with your favorites Transfomers characters.

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