The Simpsons Ride

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Nessa C 63 Reviews
“Very disappointed!”
Reviewed 09/23/16 10:03

I have been a HUGE Simpsons fan all my life - so when I came across this ride I was so excited to go on it! Leading up the actual ride was great. You felt like you were actually in Springfield. Once you make your way through the line, that is showing Simpsons clips BTW, before you actually go into t..he ride they put you in a teeny tiny room. In this room, my gut told me that I should leave the ride but I wanted to go through with it. Boy, was that a bad decision!

Apparently, this used to be the Back to the Future ride so it has a lot of the same motions and unfortunately, these motions are not synced correctly with what you're seeing on the screen. This, coupled with the fact that it's old school 3d (I had no issues with Transformers and other 3D rides) made it unbearable. The ride turned into the longest few moments of my life trying not to hurl. I had to close my eyes and dry heaved throughout the whole thing. The few seconds I opened them, it made me even sicker. I lost it. After the ride I spent several hours throwing up and had to cut my visit short because I was so sick.

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Daiana R 5 Reviews
“Totally fun and amazing!”
Reviewed 11/04/15 15:04

Its funny, entertaining and super intense. Kind of that feeling you have while watching The Simpsons!
I am a little scared of roller coasters, so I wouldn´t do it again, but if you like movement and The Simpsons..its a must!

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“It's the Simpsons - always fun”
Reviewed 11/03/15 21:36

If you love The Simpsons you would love that. If you never watched it (really?! Unless you're a kid) you should experience it. I really love waiting in line for this attraction, since it's funny to watch the animation parts telling you more about the attraction and the adventure you
Re going t..o have. It's just fun, like in the old times!

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Never gets old!”
Reviewed 11/03/15 19:21

I love the Simpsons Ride. It's funny, makes you feel like you are really visiting Krustyland. I love how some of the jokes refer to the other park... It is also entertaining even before the ride begins. You can put your stuff on the ground and pick it up later. This ride has some pretty intense move..ments. Highly recommended.

I am missing the Back to the Future Ride, but hey- now that there's a whole area for Simpsons it makes so much sense!!

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Timothy N 9 Reviews
“Memories back in the old days!”
Reviewed 11/03/15 15:38

Loved this ride and made sure we got on it several times. A great motion simulator that gets you immersed in a Simpsons adventure. The ride itself and also the surroundings are all great, and if you're into the Simpsons humor you'll definitely enjoy it!

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Yael F 2 Reviews
Reviewed 08/04/15 04:23

This is by far the best attraction in the Universal Studios. If I could, I would have go there again in a heartbeat

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