King Kong 360 3-D

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“Holy Moly! This is the REAL thing!!!”
Reviewed 11/03/15 22:02

This is for my opinion, the #1 attraction in this park. They actually reinvented 360 real-life experience kind of an attraction.

The reason there aren't many photos from this one is just because you don't want to take any photo while a big Dino is trying to eat you and you don't want to.. get King Komg mad while doing a selfie.

Now, seriously, it's such a great live experience - I seriously thought for few seconds that I'm sitting next to a real Dino and King Kong is real. All 360 experience and it's just technologically brilliant.

This is the REAL DEAL, don't even think about skipping this one! I still remember this attraction so clearly and this would be the main reason to come back to this park.

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Timothy N 9 Reviews
“Stunning Graphics!”
Reviewed 11/03/15 20:34

King Kong The Ride was the highlight of the Tram Ride! It was the first of the many little bits that they do on the tram ride and I enjoyed it a lot!

The 360 3-D graphics were so very unique and I enjoyed watching King Kong battle it out with the dinosaurs! You really feel like you ha..ve been placed in the middle of the jungle with the graphics.

Loved it and will certainly be back again!

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