Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue

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David S 120 Reviews
Reviewed 08/18/17 00:13

Really good show, but unfortunately closed to open space for the new Fast and Furious attraction.

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Taire B 20 Reviews
“Always entertaining and gets you on your feet!”
Reviewed 09/08/15 14:35

This show changes every year and features Beetlejuice and his friends singing and dancing. It's a fun show suitable for everyone and it's definitely something worth doing while at the parks.

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Anastasia H 23 Reviews
Reviewed 06/24/15 22:29

Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue is one of 4 large shows that run throughout the day at Universal Studios Florida. Though it has a VERY loose storyline, it is mainly a singing and dancing show, with pieces that have been recently updated and improved (the old show was terrible so if you have seen it be..fore and didn’t like it, I highly encourage you to give it another shot). It has a little more adult content than the other shows, but there is nothing about it that is particularly inappropriate for young guests, except for some loud music and small explosions that might spook very little kids. The costumes and effects are great, the dancing is impressive, and, though some of it is obviously pre-recorded, the singing is pretty good. Overall, I love this show, and it’s a highly entertaining way to escape from the hot sun and enjoy a drink while sitting in the shade.

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