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David S 120 Reviews
“Another great 3D Ride at Universal”
Reviewed 08/17/17 23:26

Very similar to the Spiderman ride, but here you are the Hero instead of the victim ,
Can't stand the Transformers movies, but as a ride I have to admit they are great
super fun ride not to be missed.

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Michelle L 10 Reviews
“Thrilling + Great Effects”
Reviewed 02/27/15 00:16

The Transformers Ride is a classic ride that Universal Studios has in their different theme parks. Having been to the ones in Hollywood and Singapore, this ride is up to par with the ones in other countries, although I personally thought the one in Singapore was better. This again, is one of those 3..D rides where you sit and you’re encased through the screen going through a series of scenes and events. It’s definitely very interesting and very fast paced, but nonetheless very entrancing.

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Perfect Ride - Rooooollll out!”
Reviewed 09/10/14 02:08

What a ride! It has a seemless blend of practical sets and 3d projects and special effects. The story is also very nice and original - where you ride vehicle is an actual Transformer and takes part in a war. If you're a Transformers fan like myself - you couldn't ask for more. Perfect!

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