Tokyo Disneyland

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Chikara U 2 Reviews
Reviewed 08/04/15 05:43

I have never seen such a sophisticated place, there is no reality.
Japan is said to be very organized and sophisticated country by non-Japanese people, and this is the top. If you have a plan to visit Japan, here is the place to go definitely, even if the food here is not so good...

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James L 24 Reviews
“Best Disneyland in the World”
Reviewed 06/20/15 00:36

Japan knows how to do Disney right. Anyone who's been to Tokyo Disneyland will tell you the same, especially if they've been to another park in a different country. The first time I went it was a little bit strange because everything is obviously in Japanese, including the character voices. ..And other than that, the lines are ridiculously long and sometimes you'll have to wait up to four hours to ride one ride. But this park wins big. It's impeccably clean, well-kept, the staff is very kind, and it really has a magical field tonight. 

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“A great park, next to the amazing Disney Sea park”
Reviewed 04/10/14 02:54

If you're going to Disney Sea, you will have to go to Disneyland itself, they both complete each other - each on with its own experience. You can expect to get the usual Disney stuff, but somehow the Japanese staff do it so good, even better that in the US.

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“One of the best Disneylands in the world!”
Reviewed 04/08/14 03:11

Tokyo Disneyland is truly wonderful. It includes some top-notch unique attractions like Pooh’s Hunny Hunt and a retro looking Tomorrowland (sounds weird, but yes). The park is pretty big and the castle here is the huge castle similar to the one in Florida. I had a wonderful time here- everything i..s well kept and its a joy to just walk around the park. The parade here was just excellent, big and impressive. If you’re in Japan- be sure not to miss this park!

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