SeaWorld Orlando

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Wagner S 1 Reviews
“Release the Kraken”
Reviewed 09/26/16 17:58  via Mobile

The Kraken ride is one of my favorites.

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Silvia C 2 Reviews
“Sea World Park”
Reviewed 09/26/16 17:10  via Mobile

I love the roller coasters!! Mako is the best ride ever!!!

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Nessa C 63 Reviews
“Boring as a park - but love the animals”
Reviewed 09/23/16 21:35

I'm not huge on going on rides, so it doesn't really upset me that SeaWorld doesn't have many of them. However, I do love the animals there. My biggest issue is that it is really hard to hear many of the educational narrations. I can't ever hear anything at the sting ray lagoon or pinniped habitat, ..and the mic in the underwater dolphin area is always broken (However, it is absolutely stunning so definitely stop by there!!) Definitely make time for the penguins and harbor seals - they are so fun and genuinely curious about people.

I walked out of SeaWorld feeling like I knew nothing about the animals personally. I tend to prefer animal facilities where the staff refer to the animals as who they are (that dolphin's name is ____, that killer whale is _____). I felt like there was a large disconnect between the people who are educating the public about the animals and the animals themselves. I understand that some people prefer to think of them as just a member of their species, but as someone with an invested interest in forming connections with animals I was a little let down.

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David S 120 Reviews
“One of a Kind”
Reviewed 08/28/15 16:48

Very unique Theme Park, don't compare it to Disney or Universal, SeaWorld is not about the rides, yes it does have rides, some are actually really good, others not that much but SeaWorld is really about the Animal Shows.
The Dolphins, Whales and Sea Lion shows are amazing and in my opinion unm..issable.
Enjoy it for what it is and you should have a great time!

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Jason M 2 Reviews
“Beautiful park, but needs updates to compete”
Reviewed 08/23/15 11:27

In Orlando, with the stiff competition of Disney and Universal, Sea World is not on the same level. Its a nice park but given then option I'd rather be at Disney.

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Anastasia H 23 Reviews
“Fun, but needs some TLC.”
Reviewed 06/22/15 19:00

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE going to SeaWorld. I have always loved animals, and visiting the rescued marine life who call SeaWorld home is something I always look forward to. On to the attractions! For thrill seekers, there are 2 big roller coasters to enjoy (Kraken is good, but Manta is ..AMAZING). For groups with elderly, small children, or people with motion sickness, there are still rides that offer a calmer experience, the best of which is probably Empire of the Penguin (though the Polar Express ride is an adorably close second). However, the best thing about SeaWorld is that it is one of the few parks in Orlando that can be thoroughly enjoyed without going on a single ride. There is an array of animal shows (it might take a little bit of planning, but you can definitely see them all in one day), and if you happen to be visiting around the holidays there is a whole set of seasonal shows to get you in the spirit! There are wonderful exibits and aquariums where guests can see, interact, and even sometimes feed the animals, and there are plentiful opportunities for educational moments with young ones. SeaWorld is also a great park for those who love to eat. The Voyager's Smokehouse offers delicious and surprisingly well-priced food, considering it's in a theme park. If you're visiting around the holidays, I also highly recommend the peppermint hot chocolate. I couldn't get enough. The only bad thing that I have to say about SeaWorld is that it is in need of some serious TLC. The park has changed hands in recent years, and while new shows and attractions have been added, it has sometimes been at the cost of older attractions. Simple things like broken animatronics, blown out lightbulbs, and malfunctioning ride cars are easy to fix, and I feel these are the kinds of things that need attention if this park ever wants to compete with others in the area. So if you're on your way to SeaWorld, be ready for some fun, but also be prepared to roll your eyes and groan at the one-eyed mermaid on the Journey to Atlantis ride.

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Shanice K 1 Reviews
“Awesome EXperience!!!”
Reviewed 06/17/15 01:30

My family took our regular summer vacation to Orlando, Florida. We love going to Orlando because there is so much to do there. We get a chance to visit many attractions. One such attraction is seaWorld. We visited SeaWorld more than once and have shared so many wonderful memories. SeaWorld is a gre..at place to hangout with family and friends and have fun. It provides adventure for both the biggest to the smallest member of our family. My kids really enjoy riding "Kraken" and getting wet on Atlantis. They love the rush and the excitement it gives them. My husband and I are more lovers of the shows, especially the Shamu show than the rides. To experience all that SeaWorld has to offer is awesome!! My children had many things to keep them well fed, occupied and entertained for the day. Not one complained that they were bored. I love how everything is well organized planned and there is assistance readily available. At the end of it all, we left with souvenirs to remember the trip.

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“Great, but not the best”
Reviewed 04/10/14 02:56

Comparing to Discovery Cove, SeaWorld can be improved with its experience.
Overall, it was great to walk and enjoy the themed areas and some of the attractions.

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Beautiful theme park that's both fun and educational”
Reviewed 04/07/14 05:08

Despite the recent controversies you can have a very fulfilling visit here even without seeing the shows. To be honest, the show that I did see (One Ocean) was nice, but my memories are of the beautifully themed areas and vegetation of the park, the roller coasters and the aquarium. For me, they sta..nd on their own.

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