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David S 120 Reviews
“Best roller-coaster in SeaWorld”
Reviewed 08/28/15 18:32

Love it! the upside down factor make this coaster really unique, a different roller coaster experience, really feels like your flying.lots of fun for the trill seekers
make sure u empty ur pockets :)

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Anastasia H 23 Reviews
“My favorite roller coaster!”
Reviewed 06/25/15 10:41

Manta is my absolute favorite roller coaster, and there are days that I go to SeaWorld just to ride it. If you’re unfamiliar with this attraction, the real appeal is that you ride the whole thing while lying down on your stomach. It’s a very unique and slightly terrifying feeling, but after ridi..ng it for the first time I found myself wanting to go on it over and over again. If you have the extra time, I highly recommend waiting to get into the front row. It’s definitely worth it. I also recommend putting anything and everything on your person in the cubbies alongside the ride. Because of the position you’re in, things are very likely to fall out of your pockets, and you’re not really able to hold onto them like you can on regular roller coasters. The line is usually pretty reasonable, and what time you do have to spend waiting passes quickly since there are manta ray tanks located right in the queue! Overall, I think Manta is the best ride at SeaWorld, hands down. If you’re visiting the park and are able to handle the extreme thrills, you really must try it out.

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