Main Street Electrical Parade

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“It's Elliot!!! WOW”
Reviewed 09/06/14 03:32

This a wonderful parade that takes place in the dark. The floats are illuminated and even change to a certain degree and you get to see your favourite classic Disney characters in a new way. Some of these are very rare like Elliot and Pete from Pete's Dragon. Very interesting.

This para..de can get very crowded so either get a FastPass for this or come very early to grab a good spot. If you're going with the FastPass option - please keep in mind that since the show is at night you won't be able to select more FastPasses (only after the parade's time).

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Evi M 115 Reviews
Reviewed 08/31/14 21:25

This parade is unique and fun to watch, tough, I have to admit - it's just a regular parade with lights. So there's nothing very new about it, but it's very colorful and enjoyable.

Tip: You should grab a Fast Pass for this one, because it's too crowded and you don't want to miss the wh..ole fun / stand up for about 30 min.

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