Liberty Tree Tavern

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Cody M 3 Reviews
“Thanksgiving Year Around.”
Reviewed 10/07/15 11:53

This is probably one of my favorite places to enjoy a meal at Disney. The meals are all you can eat and it reminds me so much of a Thanksgiving home cooked meal. Based from previous comments this is a RESERVATION type dining experience so if you don't have a reservation you may wait, if that's even ..an option. Book ahead and don't eat lunch beforehand. It's a big meal.

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Very good restaurant, but...”
Reviewed 09/06/14 05:14

It's one of the better Magic Kingdom restaurants and the food was tasty, but:
- Prepare to wait. This is a very popular restaurant (and for a good reason).
- The dishes are huge. It can be a benefit for some people, but for me it was simply too much and I felt bad about not finishing hal..f of it...
Other than that, I think you'll enjoy the food and it also one of the few places that has a Veggie selection. Oh- the dessert was amazing! I think it was "Johnny Appleseed's Cake".

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“The best restaurant in WDW!”
Reviewed 08/31/14 21:54

I just LOVE this restaurant and will come back again.

The wait time can be long, but that's only because it's a good restaurant that worths the time.

First, we got a bread basket, with plenty of very tasty different kind of bread. Warning: try to hold yourself from eating a..ll of it, because there's more to come :)

Than we got the main entrees - I'm a vegetarian, and they only had a veggie burger. I thought that would be like the one in all other's Disney counters, but I was totally wrong - It was delicious, maybe the best veggie burger I had in WDW. The side dish was crispy and delicious sweet potato chips.

For dessert we had an ice cream, which was tasty, but I had better.

Overall, the experience was awesome - the service was very quick and welcoming, the food was very delicious and the restaurant's theme adds a lot to the atmosphere.

The only thing I think they can improve, besides the wait time, is the amount of food they serve - it's too much for two people. I think they can make the dishes just little bit smaller.

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