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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Wonderful restaurant!!”
Reviewed 09/06/14 05:57

This is considered to be the best Magic Kingdom restaurant. It's unbelievably beautiful and you can select a place to seat in different sections of the Beast's castle. The food was very tasty: The French Onion Soup was delicious. Tuna Niçoise Salad was just great and cupcakes were delicious and not.. too sweet .. wow!

You can also get a nice souvenir mug that you can fill to your liking. The restaurant has a winning combination of healthy and tasty food.

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“A great dining experience!”
Reviewed 08/31/14 21:44

We got to this restaurant very hungry, luckily we ordered everything in advanced with the Fast Pass reservation system (MyMagic+).

We got to the restaurant and paid upfront for our meal with our MyMagic+ bands. We got a pager and we set down to wait for our meal.

I was.. surprised, because the food was very healthy and also vegan/vegetarian friendly. For a starter, I had a Potato Leek Soup, which was very good and for entree I had the Quinoa salad, which was fresh and nutritious.
Yes, we also had some desserts :) 'The Master's Cupcake ' was really unique with its grey topping and Chocolate Cream Puff, which was OK.

I would definitely go back to this restaurant - it has plenty of healthy meals and it was fun just to sit there and eat while feeling you're in the heart of the Beast's castle.

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