Under the Sea - Journey of The Little Mermaid

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“Showcases the best of Disney's technology”
Reviewed 08/30/14 10:48

Besides the fact that this is an extremely fun attraction, you can see the progress of Disney Imagineers' technology. You can witness advanced animatronics and just enjoy Ariel's famous story.

Definitely a must for you and your children.

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Jennifer T 37 Reviews
“Just like you are "Under the Sea'”
Reviewed 02/26/15 15:27

On this ride, you sit in a clamshell and move through different scenes of the movie. The animatronics scenes are very well done, and we were pleased to hear several familiar songs from The Little Mermaid. As with all of its Fantasyland predecessors, the Journey attempts to bring a previously told ..story to life, of Ariel, her buddies Flounder and Sebastian amid Ariel’s desire to become human and find her prince in waiting. Ursula and her cronies prowl around the ride, but not enough to give reason for youngsters to be too scared on the ride. Great family ride.

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“My oh my - what a ride!”
Reviewed 09/06/14 06:17

Let's start with Erik's castle- it's gorgeous to look at. The ride itself is very entertaining with all the beloved scenes from the animated movie. For me the star of this ride is Ursula rather than Ariel. She rocks! and she's hugggge! Very nice!

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