Tom Sawyer Island

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Time snatcher...”
Reviewed 09/06/14 04:36

The good:
Explore Tom Sawyers island at your own pace. There are some nice views from the island- you can see Liberty Square, The Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain.

The bad:
There are much better attractions out there and there is nothing really exciting here ex..cept for the views. The mazes are pretty boring and easy to solve..

The ugly:
You'll have to wait to get out of the island and find your way to the rafts...

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“Waste of time, maybe?”
Reviewed 08/30/14 11:18

I still don't get this attraction. Well, you start with a rhapsody ride, which is nice, but than you just need to explore Sawyer's land and it's getting boring really fast.

Also, it took me just a few minutes to find my way out of this attraction.

I think it's a time co..nsuming attraction and you should pass it.

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