The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

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Andrew H 6 Reviews
“Dumbo but Better”
Reviewed 08/23/15 09:44

Watch out for the spitting camel! That and the setting in Adventureland make this my favorite of the 4 spinning attraction at the WDW Resort. Plus, the carpets are the largest and can hold 4-5 adults.

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Jennifer T 37 Reviews
“Like Dumbo with More Excitement”
Reviewed 02/26/15 15:19

This ride is basically the same as Dumbo's ride over in Fantasyland. You and your family sit a bright-colored carpet and you control the up and down motion of the car which is great for little kids. You can also aim the carpet down or up. This ride goes in circles and there are camels in the center.. of the ride that "spit" water at you every so often. But don't worry about them, theres a 1/100 chance they actually will hit you.

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