Knott’s Berry Farm

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Nessa C 63 Reviews
“Best Halloween EVER!”
Reviewed 09/27/16 13:14

I visited Knott's Berry Farm a few times - both during the day and during halloween nights and I loved it! It was by far better than Halloween Horror Nights or any of the other big production places that do month-long Halloween programs. It was so cool!

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Katelyn Willis 1 Reviews
“Knotts of Fun! :) ”
Reviewed 12/11/15 14:15  via Mobile

It's a really fun place! Me and my friends had a lot of fun there for our choir tour! I've performed there too! Lot's of fun! :)

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“Excellent amusement park! Highly recommended!”
Reviewed 08/07/15 12:45

This a really is a wonderful amusement park. I was really excited to try Boomerang as we have a local version of the roller-coaster where I live. Somehow the one at Knott’s Berry Farm felt much better. I guess it’s just the special atmosphere of the park! I’m less of a roller-coaster fan, but ..still had so much fun there. Would love to try their Halloween event - I heard it’s amazing! See you next time Knott’s Berry Farm!

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Dwntha L 3 Reviews
“Knott's Berry Farm Is A Fun Destination ”
Reviewed 08/05/15 17:29

Knott’s Berry Farm brings back such great memories for me! I can recall the excitement I felt while standing in line waiting to ride the Montezuma’s Revenge rollercoaster. And even today I enjoy visiting this place. There are so many thrill rides at the park and even though I don’t like roller..coaster as much as I once did, I still get a kick out of riding the Sidewinder and even the Boomerang. I always have a fun time going to Knott’s with my family and close friends. But what I really enjoy is the fact that the park is never bursting at the seams with anxious visitors. It’s never too crowded. And the wait times for rides is never ridiculous. Probably the best part about Knott’s is the Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner restaurant. It’s served as a popular destination for tourists and park-goers for generations. Make sure you take the time to drop by for an affordable meal. You’ll definitely be glad that you did!

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Sophia H 1 Reviews
“Great for families!”
Reviewed 08/02/15 09:31

My husband and I visited this May. He loves coasters. Silver bullet was his favorite!! Montezuma's Revenge and Windseeker was too much for me but he loved them! The log ride was romantic :) The food is actually really good here, better than the last few amusement parks we've been to. I love Johnny ..Rockets diner. There is also a Panda Express. There was so much to do and we looped around in a circle to go on almost every ride. This seems like a place we will take our kids. Also BUY TICKETS ONLINE! You'll get a discount. If Disneyland is out of budget this is the place i'd go. Will take our family one day!

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