The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

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David S 120 Reviews
“Amazing Ride!”
Reviewed 09/10/15 23:29

One of the best rides ever made, combing 3D screens and simulators and a dark ride, the result is just a perfect immersion in Spider-man world, impressive visual effects with impeccable audio effects and 4-D effects that can only be attained by those incredible ride vehicles.

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Nathan S 21 Reviews
“Great Visuals and a Fun Ride!”
Reviewed 03/22/15 04:21

This exciting ride with fantastic visuals takes you on a crazy adventure! Follow Spiderman on this action packed experience as he fights crime. This awesome ride puts you right in the middle of all the action!

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Michelle L 10 Reviews
Reviewed 02/27/15 00:14

The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man is one of the must go to rides at Universal Studios. It’s very amazing, its 3D animation makes everything very realistic and exciting for the rider. It wasn’t too scary, but its 4D effects makes everything very captivating. It's a very high tech ride that all..ows you to travel through different scenes and screens and makes it a very intriguing experience, although it could get very intense and dizzy at some parts of the ride. Overall it’s definitely worth the wait.

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