One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

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David S 120 Reviews
“Better than Dumbo”
Reviewed 09/24/15 19:08

The ride is fun, it gives you a little cooling off with random water squirts and yes is a Dumbo like ride, but squirting water adds so much more fun.

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Anastasia H 23 Reviews
“A timeless carnival ride”
Reviewed 06/24/15 23:54

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish is a Dr. Seuss-themed take on a very popular theme park/carnival ride design. You get in one of the fish in the circle, the ride starts, the fish spin around, and you can control you up and down motion using a joystick. If you’re familiar with the Dumbo ride.. at Disney, this is pretty much exactly the same thing, only without the unbelievably long line. In fact, there’s rarely a line at all, though this is unfortunately one of the rides that shuts down whenever it starts to rain. In general, One Fish, Two Fish is a great ride for little kids who really get a kick out of being able to control the car themselves (there is no height requirement but little kids must have an adult with them), and is generally tame enough for those with motion sickness. There are also fountains that squirt water in time to the music, which is a really adorable detail. It's not the kind if thrill ride people are generally looking for at Islands of Adventure, but if it weren’t fun, it wouldn’t be a standard, am I right?

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