Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

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David S 120 Reviews
“It doesn't get better than this!”
Reviewed 09/11/15 18:13

This is the best ride experience I ever had, no other ride have this feeling that you're actually inside this amazing world, better than anything Disney has ever done. No detail is spared, down to temperature changes when certain villains show up. Not only does this ride live up to the hype, it su..rpasses it. Don't miss it.

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Ben G 2 Reviews
Reviewed 04/19/15 04:39

The one downside to this ride was the wait time in order to actually get on. The wait is long because its such a popular attraction. But the wait is definitely worth it! This ride is like a cross between a roller-coaster and a 4-D movie! You really feel like your following Harry Potter through this ..ride!

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Nathan S 21 Reviews
“Lots of fun for everyone!”
Reviewed 04/12/15 02:49

Children, teens, and adults will all enjoy this incredible thrill ride! This ride is unique and does the whole motion simulation idea very well. The basic idea of the ride is you are traveling around Hogwarts castle with Harry and his friends on this incredible journey with not a dull moment!

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Michelle L 10 Reviews
“Harry Potter Fan!”
Reviewed 02/27/15 00:14

“Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” is located in the heart of Diagon Alley. It was an extremely long wait, just a little over an hour, but I thought it was definitely worth it. You sit in a cart and it brings you through the castle, so you would witness the Sorting Hat placing people in th..eir respective houses, Dumbledore’s Office, passing by the moving portraits and different classrooms. It was a breathtaking experience and is definitely worth going on even though the wait is relatively long compared to the lines in the other sections of the park.

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“An amazing attraction! Truly exciting!”
Reviewed 06/27/14 21:18

This ride has it all - from the amazingly themed queue that takes you inside the Hogwarts Castle to the ride itself which has a unique blend of a motion ride system, sets and projections.

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