Islands of Adventure

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Nessa C 63 Reviews
“One Fish Two Fish ”
Reviewed 09/23/16 21:28

I have visited all the main attractions in Orlando. Islands of Adventure is by far my favorite. I love Jurassic Park. I love the Marvel Universe. But most of all, I love Who-Ville! I could spend all day there. It's so colorful and happy - it brought me right back to my childhood. When it comes to ac..tually stepping into the world of the movies and shows you love - Universal, especially Islands of Adventure, hits the mark!

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David S 120 Reviews
“Extraordinary Theme Park!”
Reviewed 09/06/15 23:26

What a incredible place, while Disney is unbeatable for Kids, I truly believe that Adults and Teens will have more fun here as long as they don't have a motion sickness problem This Park will shake you (My wife suffers from Motion sickness, 1 pill of Dramamine 1 hour before we hit the parks and she ..ride everything without any problems)
Universal is incomparable in simulators with 3D screening. Forbidden Journey and Spiderman are my 2 favorite rides ever! I Love this Park!!

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Anastasia H 23 Reviews
“Fun for everybody!”
Reviewed 06/21/15 15:37

Islands of Adventure is one of my favorite parks to visit with my family because there is something that everybody can enjoy! For those who want thrills, The Hulk, Amazing Spiderman, and Forbidden Journey rides are all awesome. For those with motion sickness, or people who simply want a calmer, more.. relaxing experience The Lost Continent area has Poseidon's Fury, a surprisingly impressive walkthrough special effects experience, and there are professional shows in both Suess Landing and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Hogsmeade that I highly recommend. Even though it is definitely the more extreme of the two parks, Islands of Adventure also has a few rides that young children can enjoy. The Cat in the Hat ride and High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train are both little one friendly and the Pteranodon Flyers are exclusively for people with children 36" or shorter. There is also Camp Jurassic, a rope course playground in the Jurassic Park area where your child can run and climb to his or her heart's delight. Finally, there are the rides for people prepared to get wet. Florida is a very hot state, so even if you are ruling these out ahead of time, it's still good to know in case you change your mind once the outside temperature tops 100. Bluto's Barge in Toon Lagoon is the best bang for your buck; the lines are usually very short, you get COMPLETELY soaked, and the ride is so much fun! There is also the Jurassic Park River Adventure (my favorite ride, but you may or may not actually get wet), and Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls. Just be sure to pack a bathing suit and extra socks! The only complaint I have with Islands of Adventure is that there are very few places to take a rest when the heat and intensity get to you. You're not allowed to sit down in any of the stores or ride lines, and you're discouraged from taking seats in restaurants unless you're ordering food. Speaking of food, it's less than awesome unless you're willing/able to spend lots of money. I recommend Mythos, Confisco Grill, or (surprisingly) Cirkus McGurkus, but suggest you steer clear of anything in Toon Landing. In my opinion, water rides and food don't mix. This being said, Citywalk is only a short walk away and has some great (and inexpensive) food, so don't let this completely discourage you. Overall, I really love Islands of Adventure. It's full of exciting experiences, and is definitely worth the trip if you're already visiting Orlando!

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Teah M 3 Reviews
“Spiderman vs Harry Potter ”
Reviewed 06/15/15 10:20

I have visited the island of adventure many times in the past, but my last visit blew me away. The Harry Potter section was amazing it felt like something right out of the book. Hogsmead has numerous shops featured in the Harry Potter books that are realistically made and decorated. While Harry Pott..er world was amazing the Spiderman ride Marvel Super Hero Island still remains my favorite and I love how universal has added new elements of the movie to scenery surrounding the ride’s line.

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James S 4 Reviews
“Fun for all!”
Reviewed 03/22/15 04:31

To anyone who would consider themselves a theme park enthusiast, this is an absolutle must to visit! With rides featuring everything from super heroes to Harry Potter, theres something here for everyone!

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Nathan S 21 Reviews
“A Great Place to Visit!”
Reviewed 03/22/15 03:27

This part of Universal Studios Park in Orlando, Florida has a large variety of attractions for people of all ages! From Harry Potter to Jurassic Park to Marvel superheroes, this park has everything for people of all interests and is very family friendly. Everybody will enjoy it and have a great time..!

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Doug D 3 Reviews
“An Amazing Park for Everyone”
Reviewed 03/08/15 12:06

An absolutely great park with amazing attractions and interactive experiences. From Harry Potter to Jurassic Park, there is something here for everyone. I would definitely recommend going here to anyone who visits Florida or Orlando.

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“Yay! Harry Potter park!”
Reviewed 04/10/14 02:50

I think they can change the name of the park to "Harry Potter Park", since it was a really exciting experience for us. The Toon city was really cute as well.

I loved it.

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Wonderful adventurous theme park!”
Reviewed 04/08/14 03:07

Universal’s Island of Adventure is a magnificent theme park. The park has wonderfully themed lands with its highlight being The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There are some really wild rides here to enjoy like the Dudley Do-Right Falls and the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Marvel Super He..ro Island. I really enjoyed the adventurous atmosphere of the park and just the beauty of walking and seeing the beautiful lands.The Seuss Landing land is really really nice. Highly recommended!

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