Tin Roof

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Nessa C 63 Reviews
“Day Trip”
Reviewed 10/20/16 20:55

We ate here during the day - around 3 pm. They have a new menu and I was very eager to try it. The food was okay - not the best but not the worst. I was a little disappointed in the chicken and waffles. It was put in a waffle cone and I think they only used the size of half an eggo and two chicken s..trips in the dish. It really was not large enough to share with another person. In addition, both my significant other and I got a taco and they didn't have much flavor to them at all and you only get one for $3 or $4. I was really excited about the new menu as I have seen it hyped up online, but it did not live up to my expectations. Also, we were there between 3 and 7 and the waitress never mentioned it was Happy Hour which kind of stunk. Happy Hour is my favorite time of the day!

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