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Nessa C 63 Reviews
Reviewed 10/10/16 14:32

The food was REALLY good - especially their cheese curds. You haven't tried cheese curds until you've tried them at Yard House. Additionally, the food is really well priced. I got a small pizza and side salad for $10! The service was excellent and our waitress was so nice. She stayed and talked to u..s as much as we needed despite how busy it was. My fiance loved that they had over 100 beers and that you could get beer in a goblet!

The only criticisms I have are: 1) When the hostess sat us, I asked if we could be near the game. She did not ask what game, but as my fiance was wearing a Patriots hat and jersey, I would assume someone could put two and two together. She did not and sat us a table near a television not showing any of the games. 2) Each television is tuned to a channel for a reason and the staff there will not change the channel to something else. When I asked if the waitress could change the TV to the appropriate channel she said she couldn't and said we should have told the hostess we wanted to sit near the game. I told her we did and then the waitress said the hostess should have asked which game. Although this did occur, the waitress did happily re-seat us where we wanted to be sat so all was fine in the end. But for those of you football fans, make sure you ask to be near your game.

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