Naru Restaurant and Sushi Bar

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Kevin M 7 Reviews
“Sushi with a Brazilian Flare”
Reviewed 02/05/16 11:50

Not only does Naru make tasty sushi in a fine Japanese tradition, but they also have some unique spins with ingredient combinations and preparations that reflect the company's Brazilian origins. One great example come from the bar where they offer Brazil's national drink: the caipirinha which are ma..de fresh and delicious, but then they bring in the Japanese influence with the sakerinha which replaces the churrasca run with fine sake.

They also offer a terrific special menu with salad, appetizers, tempura, sushi and sashimi for only $25 and you can reorder more of any dish except the sashimi. Terrific value!

It's on the outside corner of I-Drive 360 opposite the parking garage so it's easy to overlook, but go find it and you won't be disappointed!

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