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Nessa C 63 Reviews
“A Hidden Gem!”
Reviewed 09/28/16 21:23

I had no idea how cool Skeletons was by just looking at it from the outside. It really is truly fascinating! A must-stop for educational minded individuals, homeschoolers, and just anyone who is curious about anything.

The skeletons are posed as the animals would be naturally found out.. in the wild (except for the humans - I definitely can't do a yoga pose like their skeleton!) and it's just so interesting. This coupled with the fact that you can the majority of these are REAL skeletons is just incredible. If you're in Orlando, you really should make a detour to Skeletons!

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Martha D 1 Reviews
“Family vacation”
Reviewed 06/17/16 17:40  via Mobile

Incredible display of skeletons. Amazing collection of bones. The museum is very well organized and extremely imformative. I along with my husband are high school teachers and we enjoyed every minute at the museum. We were privileged to meet the owners of the museum Jay and Kim and they were extrem..ely polite and very imformative. We were so glad we went.

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Lisa L 1 Reviews
“Incredible visual display of diverse skeletons.”
Reviewed 03/06/16 18:18

Visually the skeletons were very wonderfully grouped to show differences as well as similarities between different animals. The educational question and answer displays were also very good. In fact, I would have liked more of them. This would be a great attraction to take children and school grou..ps to because it is both interesting and very educational.

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Kevin M 7 Reviews
“Most Unique Collection in Orlando”
Reviewed 02/05/16 11:40

Over 500 skeletons on display at Skeletons - Animals Unveiled! This is a surprisingly comprehensive and well-thought out attraction with a very unique collection. It's like a zoo, but only with the bones. There are even some unique human skeletons on display. It's also bigger than it looks from the ..outside and we spent a few hours there seeing everything and reading all the great information on the displays.

The also have probably the BEST gift shop I've seen with some memorable items all with a learning and natural history theme. No cost to go in and shop either so definitely check it out. You can also see a few of the displays from the shop that will give you an idea of what you'll see inside. Very educational but also really interesting. Learning can be fun!

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