SEALIFE Aquarium

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Nessa C 63 Reviews
“Mermaid Goals”
Reviewed 10/10/16 14:36

I was really surprised that this aquarium was so heavy on conservation. It was great to read the stories of the animals and see that the organization is very involved in animal rescue and release - and in educating the public about the animals. I learned a lot!

On a funner note, there w..as so many great places to take photos. There are many little bubbles where you can poke your head in and see the animals closer.

My favorite exhibit was the sting rays. Although you cannot touch them if you go behind the habitat, there are little peep holes where you can sit and watch them under the water. I saw two different species of sting ray, horse shoe crabs, and lots of fish. I felt like a mermaid and could have stayed there all day!

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Kevin M 7 Reviews
“Great Little Aquarium”
Reviewed 02/05/16 11:27

It's not the world's largest, but it has a good collection, is very well presented, and a great value for the admission price. Could stand and watch the jellyfish for hours, and of course the sharks are always cool. The have a few large tanks, and in one you can walk through a tunnel and be surround..ed by the sea life. Overall a surprisingly nice experience and a great way to spend part of a day when you don't have a whole day for a park or something.

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