Madame Tussauds

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Nessa C 63 Reviews
“Bring Your Phone and Take LOTS of Photos!!”
Reviewed 09/22/16 14:12

I have been to Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas, New York City, and Washington DC - so I've walked among the stars on many occasions. The one in Orlando has a lot of the same celebrities, but it is much smaller than the others - that doesn't mean that it's less fun though. In fact, this one was the firs..t one I went to with Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parson) and I was beyond thrilled. Oh, and their Grease tribute is so much fun! Make sure you bring someone with you to capture the poses you're sure to strike next to your fave celebs.

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Kevin M 7 Reviews
“Don't Call It a Museum!”
Reviewed 02/03/16 16:21  via Mobile

This is a great collection of very realistic wax figures, but don't let them hear you call it a wax museum! Nothing here is behind a velvet rope. You are encouraged to touch, take a selfie and interact with the figures! Very nice collection all the way from Abraham Lincoln to Will Smith to Peyton Ma..nning. Had a lot of fun there!

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