Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“Great view from our window, but too pricy”
Reviewed 04/07/14 07:24

If this hotel was right inside the HK Disneyland Park it was 5 star hotel. However, this hotel is far from the park (you'll have to take a bus shuttle) and it doesn't justify the price for it.

The view was great (the ocean and the maze gardens were beautiful), and the room was OK (not a.. fan of a classic antique styled room) - I'm giving it 3 starts only because I know what other Disney hotels have to offer.

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Very nice hotel, but a bit expansive for what you get”
Reviewed 04/06/14 13:05

The Hong Kong Disneyland is a very nice Victorian style hotel. Our room was nice and specious, but the amenities were basic. The hotel didn't offer any advantages in the park. I felt it offered medium value for its premium price. Don't miss the Crystal Lotus restaurant.

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