Hong Kong Disneyland

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Hadrian W 1 Reviews
“Truly Encaptulates The Disney Magic”
Reviewed 01/29/16 09:54

Although it is small and lacking attractions, Hong Kong Disneyland has spectacular views, world-class attractions like Mystic Manor and Big Grizzly Runaway Mine Cars. The detail and theming are spot on immersing you into its themed land, especially Grizzly Gulch and Adventureland.

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Shay M 1 Reviews
“One day Disney exprience”
Reviewed 08/05/15 13:12

Hong Kong Disneyland is approx. 30min ride from Kowloon and Hong Kong island by train. It is relatively small Disneyland divided into zones such as Tomorrowland, Toy Story land, the usual Disney rides such as "It's a small world" and others. One full day will be enough and there's no need for more. ..In terms of attractions, I haven't experienced extreme rides with loops etc. The attractions are thrilling, but not too scary. Aside from that, you can have the full Disney experience in terms of characters, day and night parades and almost every single element. All in all, recommended even for those who have been to Disneyland in the past, because of its oriental additions.

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“Small, but fascinating!”
Reviewed 04/07/14 06:01

I really love this theme park, after visiting all the other Disney theme parks. I think the main is reason is because it's small and intimate.
You don't feel like you have to rush to get to every attraction on the other side of the park, because everything is within reach, which makes the exp..erience more comfortable and you are left with more energy and time to spend in the park. Don't miss visiting HK Disneyland!

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“One of the better Disneyland parks in the world”
Reviewed 04/02/14 02:33

This is one of the best Disneyland park in the world. This is a true special place. As soon as you walk in you notice the mountain line which in itself looks amazing. The park is small, but it’s just the perfect size if you don’t feel like walking that much. The theme park has special water play.. areas. These are spread throughout the park and lets you cool down from a hot Hong Kong weather. My favorite attraction in the park is Mystic Manor at the incredible Mystic Point. This is great!

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