Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel

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Nessa C 63 Reviews
Reviewed 10/06/16 18:32

I'll give you a laugh by saying how excited I was to stay at a dolphin hotel. Unfortunately, it is dolphin in the sense of mahi mahi or dorada, not the marine mammal. Yes, my heart was a little sad after that.

I can put that behind me though. Unfortunately, the rest of the hotel seemed ..very run down. I don't think that Disney has kept up their hotels and this is definitely proof of that. Walking into the lobby you get the feeling that they're a bit dingy. Again, I was willing to look past that but sadly their customer service was as bad as their old school decor. My mother was attending a conference and they completely messed up the reservations. Her parking was supposed to be free and they charged her. When she brought it up to the front desk they told her that they couldn't fix it because it wasn't on the reservation. Turns out the event coordinator had not passed the message along that several people in the group had free parking. In addition to that, they did not offer a national conference any water for the eight to ten hour long meetings, had limited food, and everything was ridiculously up-charged. I understand that it's Disney but when a group of over 100 people are showing up and bringing in hundreds of others you should actually care about your clients.

I won't be going back there again!

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