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Nessa C 63 Reviews
Reviewed 09/23/16 21:25

As an adult with no children, it's no surprise that Epcot is my FAVORITE place to visit at Disney! It tends to be less crowded and, of course, you can eat and drink around the world - which is the best thing to do. By far, the best drink is in Italy. It's a peach champagne that is absolutely delicio..us. My fiance and I buy a bottle of it every time we go.

I also use the different countries as a way to scope out things prior to going on vacation. A man from Rome was very helpful and gave me lots of pointers that helped me on my trip to Europe. I am forever grateful to him! Definitely take in the ambiance of the different countries but take some time to speak to the workers there. They are very insightful (he even told us that the peach champagne that I love so much isn't actually from Italy - sad, but good to know) and they seem to like having the opportunity to speak to guests who are genuinely interested in their culture.

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David S 120 Reviews
“The Great Epcot”
Reviewed 08/30/15 10:34

I love Epcot, is the most adult of the Disney Parks and it does have 2 completely different areas. Future World and the World Showcase. But is also the Park in most need of some updates.
The entire Wonders of Life Pavilion has been closed since 2004 and still nothing?? what a waste of good spa..ce! the Imagination Pavilion and Universe of Energy also need some serious updating.
Still a great park but MK got the biggest renew in his history and major changes coming for AK wit Avatar and the Disney Studios with a New Star Wars and Toy Story Land, Epcot is a little left behind, Hopefully they will address that soon.

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JEANY S 4 Reviews
“My Favorite Place”
Reviewed 08/26/15 19:12

I Love EPCOT because of all Future World and World ShowCase It's awesome! Including Test Track 2.0 and Frozen Ever After! I love the foods and Shops are awesome! I love EPCOT!

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Cessar A 1 Reviews
“The Best”
Reviewed 08/11/15 08:38

For me the best Park. I love the Countries area, Future World and the Land, especially Soarin.

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Shoshana H 3 Reviews
“Educational fun!”
Reviewed 06/30/15 11:16

My kids had so much fun and learned a lot!

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Anastasia H 23 Reviews
“Disney for adults”
Reviewed 06/24/15 22:27

Epcot is my favorite Disney park because, although it is full of educational opportunities for kids, it is also full of nice, restful fun for adults (which is not usually the case at Disney). Most of the rides at Epcot are pretty calm, and many of the lines are indoors, making this a great park to v..isit when the thrills and heat start to get to you. The only two rides that get your heart pumping are Mission: Space and Test Track, and even those are relatively tame compared to a roller coaster. My favorite ride at Epcot is probably The Seas with Nemo and Friends (it used to be Maelstrom, but more on that later). Animals are always a go-to for me, and the aquarium, though small, is lovely. I also really love to visit the World Showcase. The photo opportunities are plentiful, the shops are unique, and the employees (all of which are exchange students from each respective country), are super friendly. However, the best thing about the World Showcase is the FOOD. This is one of the very few places at the Disney parks where alcohol is served, and even the outdoor carts are a welcomed escape from the usual theme park burgers and chicken tenders. Sometimes you have to make reservations months in advance, but the San Angel Inn Restaurante and the Restaurant Marrakesh are very highly recommended. These, and other places in the World Showcase, offer a fine dining experience while still being kid and flip-flop friendly. What more could you ask for! My only beef with Epcot is actually a very recent development: they closed the Maelstrom (my favorite ride!) and are now going to replace it with a Frozen ride. One of the things I really loved about Epcot was that it had the high quality of a Disney park without being too…Disney. I just hope that Epcot doesn’t lose its chill charm by welcoming in the princess hype.

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Nathan S 21 Reviews
“A international experience in a theme park!”
Reviewed 03/22/15 04:04

While being fun for people of all ages, Epcot has a number of varied cultural based theme parks to explore and enjoy! I really enjoyed the cultural feeling of many of the restaurants like Sommerfest in the German pavilion, these places provide theme park feel with a different cultural experience all.. in one!

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Shiri I 2 Reviews
“Great Park in a different style”
Reviewed 03/11/15 06:13

Very recommended with kids, educational and fun! Don't miss the area with the food from many different countries , really nice!

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Two theme parks - one superb visit!”
Reviewed 09/07/14 05:37

Epcot is really two theme parks - one is dedicated to the future of man kind and the other - a showcase for different nations. Both of them are excellent, but different:

The Future World - has some very interesting rides such as The Seas with Nemo & Friends (SeaBase), Test Track and Spa..ceship Earth.

World Expo - offers mainly themed dining and shopping experience for several nations. There is a wonderful shops like Mitsukoshi Department Store at Japan Pavilion and Plaza de los Amigos. And great restaurants like La Hacienda de San Angel. The World Expo is also the place to catch to poplar, impressive IllumiNations night-time event.

To really enjoy Epcot you should really spend two days. There is a lot to day and the theme park is huge.

Epcot is epic! :)

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“Interesting and educating experience”
Reviewed 08/31/14 22:10

I love the fact that this park can teach you something new, which you didn't know before - if it's about technology or about different countries and cultures.

The 'Illumination' fireworks show was one of the best I have ever saw. In overall, this park is still one of the best in the wor..ld. You should combine it with a visit to Magic Kingdom.

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