Voyage of the Little Mermaid

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Nessa C 63 Reviews
Reviewed 10/06/16 18:13

If you love The Little Mermaid, then you'll love this. It was very true to the story. I only wish it was a little longer!

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David S 120 Reviews
“Live show with some cool effects”
Reviewed 08/30/15 00:56

Even though this show is a little cheesy in my opinion, Is still a good attraction and If you have a little princess, she'll just love this show. It's a mix of puppets, live actors, effects, and film you've got your live Ariel on stage singing, there are neon puppets, lasers, and even bubbles.
..> Depending on the Ariel you got, the Show can go from being really good to just average
and Ursula is amazing

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Underwhelming show”
Reviewed 09/07/14 02:05

I was really expecting something special here. Having been to the Little Mermaid show at Tokyo DisneySea (which was absolutely amazing) I expected so much more. It doesn't compare also to the wonderful Finding Nemo show at The Animal Kingdom. It's very moderate and lacking visually. The only high po..int of the show is Ursula, and even that moment pales in comparison to other shows.

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