The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

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David S 120 Reviews
“Amazing and Unique Ride”
Reviewed 04/08/17 08:17

The scenery for a run down, abandoned hotel is remarkable and I love it. The basement boiler room that the line takes you is also fantastic.
Tower of Terror has a unique look and style that makes it worth the ride
I hope that they never take this ride away from Orlando, it is honestly o..ne of my top rides.

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“Drop the bass! :)”
Reviewed 05/03/15 05:17

Love the Twilight Zone Tower story! While you're waiting, you learn about the attraction through mysterious and dangerous story, which at the end you fully experience with a crazy drop!

Tip: Keep your eyes open the whole time! :)

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Nathan S 21 Reviews
“A ride sure to thrill and excite!”
Reviewed 03/26/15 05:11

This ride based on the Twilight Zone television series takes you on a crazy drop! Imagine the classic Frog Hopper ride found in many theme parks but much more teens and adults. This ride is by far one of my favorite rides of all time and I always make sure not to miss it!

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