Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

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Taire B 20 Reviews
“Safari outside your window!”
Reviewed 09/08/15 15:09

This hotel is magnificent and one-of-a-kind. There is literally a safari that can be overlooked from one side of the hotel, and the staff is extremely friendly and kind. The rooms are great and there are direct buses to take you to the Disney theme parks.

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Merav W 9 Reviews
“This is an AMAZING hotel”
Reviewed 09/26/14 08:10

Been there few years ago,... kids (and adults) LOVED it.
Almost didn't want to get to the parks - all you need is already there.

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Wonderful unique hotel”
Reviewed 09/11/14 01:39

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is an amazing hotel/experience. It has an African theme and you can see the Safari animals right from your room (provided you reserved an Arusha view room). The room itself was beautiful and specious. The bed was comfortable and all the amenities. My only comment is the..re was a certain scent that was noticeable and took some time to get used to (not really a problem).

If you would like to stay at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge - be sure to reserve a room with a view to the Safari animals. Otherwise you would be paying a premium price and won't experience what this hotel is known for. Try and ask for a floor that is not too high since you would miss the intimate feeling that goes along with being closer to the animals.

Finally, the hotel has one of the best restaurants for breakfast at DisneyWorld called Boma and Jiko for dinner. You don't want to miss this.

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