Discovery Cove

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Nessa C 63 Reviews
“Paradise in Orlando”
Reviewed 09/27/16 13:13

This is my favorite water-type park in Orlando! It is the perfect way to spend a day - and well worth the money. You can opt to go in without a dolphin or add on program and just enjoy the beach, or you can add on one of their interactive programs. Either way, your entrance is all day long and you r..eceive free wetsuits, food, drinks, and can spend the day snorkeling, playing with birds, stingrays, and just having a relaxing, happy day. I'd rather go here than travel an hour to the beach!

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Samantha S 1 Reviews
Reviewed 06/17/15 23:33

I have always heard about people swimming with dolphins but never experienced it until I visited Discovery Cove. I was very skeptic and hesistant at first when I heard that the entire family was going to take a trip to Discovery Cove. We took the trip and when I got there I was amazed by the beauty.. and the attractions available. The Discovery Cove has a paradise feel. There are so many things to do that it is impossible to get bored. I love the water attractions especially interacting with the dolphins. This is one of the best attractions I have visited. There is something there for every family member to experience and enjoy. We really had an awesome time.

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Mark D 1 Reviews
“A wonderful but costly experience”
Reviewed 04/07/15 08:17

We've been to Discovery Cove a few month ago. It's a terrific relaxing experience. You can swim with Dolphins, just hang out at the shore and catch some sun, snorkel, go under water for a special tour and more. It is an all inclusive deal - meaning you pay once and get most of the things in that dea..l. Important to say - that this doesn't include a few things which may make the cost (which is already high- even higher): pictures with the Dolphins and the under water experience. All in all - this could make your trip to Discovery Cove a very pricey one... Other than that - it's really nice and different from anything else in Orlando. Be sure that if you need to cancel your reservation by chance- to do so in the time period that this is allowed (otherwise you'll experience the no-refund policy).

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Evi M 115 Reviews
“Fun and relaxing”
Reviewed 04/10/14 02:48

A great experience at Discovery Cove - it didn't feel too commercial like in other parks and you actually can relax and take your time while swimming, snorkeling, swim with dolphins and enjoy other attractions.

A must for anyone who loves water parks.

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Yariv P 284 Reviews
“Relaxing, one of a kind place”
Reviewed 04/07/14 05:21

Discovery Cove is just the perfect spot to have an extraordinary relaxing experience. Being an all inclusive deal and the limited amount of visitors add to the relaxation and you can just chill out at the beach or choose an adventure of your choice. The grand reef was a wonderful snorkelling experie..nce we tried SeaVenture which was nice as well. The dolphins were very cute and friendly and we got some amazing photos with them. Highly recommended!

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