Timothy N

About Starbucks

”Worst coffee ever!”

Do not expect Disney quality service here! Not only do they rush you for your order, they then proceed to get it wrong! And when you mention that it's supposed to be iced not hot you get a death glare! I get that it is a busy location but come on! A little smile goes a long way!

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About Disneyland Park

”I did not believe it at first but oh man, you gotta try it out!”

Everyone should go to Disneyland at some point in their lives. It's definitely a magical place. Because the magic of it is so well-known, you have to understand that is ALWAYS busy. So that's why you have to do Disneyland in a smart way. To save money, bring empty water bottles and fill up at drinki..ng fountains, bring in snacks (when permitted), eat meals in downtown Disney (cheaper than in the park). Save time by utilizing their Fast Passes and single rider lines for the super busy rides. Make sure you leave time for the adventure of Disneyland and all the wonderful shows. Give yourself at least 2 days here so you don't wear yourself out in one day. Enjoy it!

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About Transformers: The Ride-3D

”Did I just say 3D ride? Hell yeah!”

This is a pretty intense 3D ride, as the riders play humans enlisted to, you guessed it, protect the Allspark from Megatron and the Decepticons.

The car you ride in, surreptitiously an Autobot named Evac, goes in several different rooms with screens (or maybe just back and forth between.. the same rooms, I'm not sure) as you go on an frantic escape from the Decepticons. The graphics were great and the motion of the car and the action on the screens was synched up really well.

It might not be the optimal ride if you have a very weak stomach or are looking for a new storyline, but it was fun and impressive to behold.

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About Super Silly Fun Land

”Definitely not for adults....”

Minions minions minions. Great place for kids. There's a fun kid ride I kind of wish I had gone on and they serve minion related food here. Minion cupcakes anyone? There's a water park here even though California is technically in a drought. I'm not complaining, it's hot out. They also sell bathing.. suits (I believe) for kids in case you forgot yours.

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About Revenge of the Mummy - The Ride

”It can't get any better than this folks!”

What could be better than a high speed roller coaster themed to the Mummy movies?

This was my favorite ride at Universal Studios. This is mostly a dark ride except for when the pyrotechnics lights up the scene you are in. And after a few scenes, it turns you around and shoots you fast ..up a hill for some airtime followed by some fast twists and turns. Then when you think you are finished, you get a few more twists and turns.

Definitely enjoyed this one, even more than the Escape from Gringotts.

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About King Kong 360 3-D

”Stunning Graphics!”

King Kong The Ride was the highlight of the Tram Ride! It was the first of the many little bits that they do on the tram ride and I enjoyed it a lot!

The 360 3-D graphics were so very unique and I enjoyed watching King Kong battle it out with the dinosaurs! You really feel like you ha..ve been placed in the middle of the jungle with the graphics.

Loved it and will certainly be back again!

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About Jurassic Park: The Ride

”Not as bad as it may sound”

Pretty decent ride, but I found it a little hyped up! I got sprayed in my face by a dinosaur on the side other then that I would of been dry the whole ride, the drop wasn't nothing to get excited about! The graphics were good and the scenery was cute, but this ride was nothing special to me !

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About The Simpsons Ride

”Memories back in the old days!”

Loved this ride and made sure we got on it several times. A great motion simulator that gets you immersed in a Simpsons adventure. The ride itself and also the surroundings are all great, and if you're into the Simpsons humor you'll definitely enjoy it!

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About Universal Studios Hollywood

”Universal Studios was as Entertaining as it can get”

It's been quite a few years since I've been to an adventure park and had forgotten how much fun it was, the rides and atmosphere encouraged us to try almost everything but we were so glad of the fast passes, at $44 each they weren't cheap but were worth the money to avoid the lines. If someone is th..inking whether he should go or not, don't think twice, just do it! Every penny you spend on this is totally worth it.

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